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How Emergency Plumbers In Your Area Are Able To Aid You With All Different Kinds Of Prompt Installations

An emergency plumber fixing a pipe in the sink

When people are going through some kind of crisis, the chances are that they will want to do something about it right away. The only trouble is that sometimes there isn’t the help that they need available right away which can make the issue at hand become even more severe. For example, someone may have noticed that they have a burst pipe on their property which means that they have had to turn their water supply off and they cannot cook dinner, get ready for work, or bathe their children.

Thankfully, there are professionals out there who are designed to aid with exactly that when it comes to this area but people will need to know who these professionals are and the types of things that they are able to help with. Furthermore, they will need to figure out how they are going to go about contacting them. As there are some people out there who don’t know too much about this field, this article will take a close look at how an emergency plumber in your area is able to aid you with all different kinds of prompt installations.

Emergency plumbers in your area are able to aid you will all different kinds of prompt installations such as new hot water services

There are many different bits and bobs that may need replacing when someone is having an issue either at home or at their place of business. And then sometimes there are some bigger issues and so there are some bigger things that need to be replaced and reinstalled. And as all households out there will rely on their system being in working order, it is imperative that this happens as quickly as possible.

And so, one of the things that emergency plumbers in your area and able to aid you with is all sorts of different installations including the installation of a new hot water service. And this will allow people to get back to their daily life as soon as possible without causing too much fuss in the meantime. Furthermore, people can feel at ease knowing that there likely isn’t going to be an issue in the future with a new system.

Emergency plumbers in your area are able to aid you will all different kinds of prompt installations such as heating and cooling

What some people out there may not be aware of is the fact that there are a lot more things that these kinds of professionals are able to help with outside of fixing toilets and fixing burst pipes. In fact, emergency plumbers in your area are able to aid you with all different kinds of prompt installations such as hot water systems but also things like heating and cooling systems. This is because there are often pipes and water that are included that need to be installed correctly and safely to avoid any issues that may arise down the track.

So when people are having issues with their system, and they are noticing water leaks or puddles somewhere on the property that they think is related to this system, this is the kind of professional that may be best for them to call. And they can quickly come to the home or to the place of work and do what they can on the spot so that people are able to return to their life as soon as they possibly can. In conclusion, there are many different things that these professionals can aid with overall.

What Are The Main Skills Of Family Lawyers?

Gavel and some law books

In case you didn’t know, family lawyers are one of the most important groups of professionals in society. They help facilitate the legal dissolution of a failed marriage so that both parties can move on without further dispute, and most importantly, give any children they have the best future possible for them.

The issues that result from the failure of a marriage can be some of the most difficult to answer since both sides will often try to get away with as much as they can. The romantic nature of these issues (and problems like infidelity) can make these proceedings incredibly spiteful and, as a result, a calm and authoritative professional is normally required.

However, there are many different Sydney top-rated lawyers near me with plenty of different skill sets. It’s important to know what the most important skills are in this field so I can make sure I hire someone right for me.

The following will examine the main skills of family lawyers.


Lawyer and client consultation

The most important skill, arguably, that a family lawyer has is the ability to negotiate. They will be put in a position where they need to interact with the other party (usually an opposing solicitor) to try and arrange the best way forward to cease the dispute and establish a path forward.

They need to be able to see past the hostility that the exes have for one another and find a way to make sure their client is able to get a good result. They will need to face the opposition of their counterpart on the other side and demonstrate their expertise in countering this so that the best possible compromise is reached to end the dispute and put it to bed for good.


Family lawyers also need to be organised in order to get the best result for their clients and would not be taken seriously if they suffered from any kind of disorganisation issue. Clients hire these kinds of professionals to work on their behalf and organise things so that they don’t have to.

If regular people had the organisation skills of family lawyers, they probably wouldn’t bother hiring them. These professionals need to be on their A-game at all times as any interpretation of laziness or failure to be organised will prompt clients to bargain for a lower price or take their business elsewhere.

Therefore, family lawyers cannot afford to be disorganised and must always on-time to meetings and answer phone calls/return them as appropriate. Clients who feel like their solicitor is not doing a good job for them will question the high price they are paying for legal representation.

Courtroom Presence

Sometimes, the unfortunate circumstance of going to court becomes a necessity in many divorce cases. While disputing exes are encouraged at every stage to take the cheaper and more equitable approach of out-of-court negotiation and mediation (and most do), there will be some for whom there is no other choice other than litigation.

In these cases, family lawyers that are engaged need to be prepared to go to court and represent the interests of their client. There are many working components to court proceedings, and it is arguably an art form unto itself where preparation is just as important as rhetorical ability.

As is clear to see, there are a lot of very important skills that family lawyers need to be able to succeed in their profession. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you somewhat as to how involved this profession is and will better equip you when it comes to hiring one of these experts for yourself.

Struggles for the Development of Australian Football

football players

The development of football or any other games is closely related to the conditions of the society to a large extent. What type of response is the game getting from the common people matters a lot for the development? As far as the Australian football is concerned the depression in the period of 1893-95 was a strong cause which created the struggles. As you can read in the NRL news, the clubs faced serious struggles for the daily maintenance and this led to the decisions of the sharing of the revenue so that many of the struggling clubs can be helped to a large extent.

Probably there was much opposition against this from the leading clubs in the country. This scheme was opposed by those leading clubs with great opposition. The eight leading clubs in those years, particularly in 1896 are noted below:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Essen don
  3. Geelong
  4. Collingwood
  5. South Melbourne
  6. Fitzroy
  7. Carlton
  8. St Kilda

These eight football clubs came forward to arrange the constitution of Victorian Football League (VFL). There war certain changes occurred, the decagons making by the VFL. It includes the open payment for the players and the reduction of number of competitors on the field from twenty per side to 18. But later on the scenario changed to a great development in the entire society. The club changed to such a situation in which it can pay almost all the players in the team. By the year 1899, the VFL were able to pay all the players of the team with reasonable payment. Now it is the time to discuss about the next association Australian Football council. It was formed in the year 1906 with certain objectives. It includes the regulation of player movement in the interstate level and the development of contests on the national level.

Later on major developments were taking place in the entire history of the development of the Australian football. Later on there were many relocations of the leading clubs. Some of them include the relocation of the south Melbourne club to Sydney I 1982. The name of VFL was changed to Australian Football League or AFL. Now the national focus was also changed to a large extent so that the popularity was also increased to great extent. There were 16 teams that comprised AFL in 2005. It includes:

  1. Adelaide crows
  2. Carlton Blues
  3. Essen don Bombers
  4. Western Bulldogs
  5. West coast Eagles
  6. Fremantle Dockers
  7. Brisbane Lions
  8. Collingwood Magpies
  9. Fremantle Dockers
  10. Richmond tigers
  11. Geelong cats
  12. St Kilda saints
  13. Hawthorn hawks
  14. Melbourne demons
  15. North Melbourne kangaroos
  16. Port Adelaide power

This is one of the problems which are later found by the organizations. It is also important to be noted that the Australian football is found to be grown by facing various struggles and problems in the entire history. The expansion was taken so easily by including the many inter colonial movements so far to get more involvement of the entire country.

Types of Oversight With Rubbish Removal in Sydney That Leads to Accidents

garbage bin surrounded by waste

Enterprises dealing with rubbish removal in Sydney have to follow core principles to ensure they deliver on time and within budget.

If they happen to engage in shortcuts and oversight, they place the health and safety of their workers and constituents at risk.

Here we will look at the key types of oversight that occur in these settings, offering a note of caution for companies to do their due diligence.

No Prior Assessment

The best operators with rubbish removal in Sydney such as Heaps Cheap Rubbish Removal won’t arrive cold on site with no awareness about the size of the task or the type of terrain they are facing. This is where an assessment and quote is fundamental for both parties to establish some key facts:

  • The type of waste that needs removal
  • The amount of waste
  • The amount of staff needed for the project
  • The profile of home or business
  • The type of terrain
  • Safe entry and exit points
  • Routes to tip or depot centre
  • Agreed price

Without undertaking this task beforehand, it would present a number of challenges where accidents are bound to happen.

Lack of Equipment and Vehicle Power

There are a number of ways that accidents can occur with rubbish removal in Sydney, yet they can often be attributed to a lack of equipment and vehicle power. When trucks and utes have to bare the brunt of construction waste and debris or shifting fridges and cabinets across the city, there is every opportunity for workers to suffer breaks and strains as they hold the weight and attempt to maneuver between locations. This is where the use of skips can negate much of the hassle as a truck drops and picks up from a single spot. It might appear like a small matter of oversight on the surface but without this type of support, individuals are placed in harm’s way.

Poor Time Management

For a business dealing with rubbish removal in Sydney, they can fall into the trap of catering to too many clients within the span of a working day. When shifting between the Inner West and Northern Beaches to the Eastern Suburbs and beyond, it is not always easy to be on top of time management demands. If projects are rushed, that can lead to specialists making shortcuts with parking and removal practices. This activity is not like a weekly council pickup where time is off the essence because the investment made by the customer is for a proficient service that delivers on quality and safety.

Breakdown in Client-Business Communication

For rubbish removal in Sydney to be carried out successfully, the line of communication between the client and the business cannot be interrupted or interfered with. If there is a breakdown within this channel, that will only cause distractions and assumptions to be made. The best brands in this industry provide a direct phone number to be called and a name offered, ideally the name of the project manager who will oversee the endeavour. Should messages and calls be left unanswered, there is every chance that scheduling delays will occur or outlets will attempt to make presumptions about what waste requires disposal and how they should carry that out.

Inexperienced Staff

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to rubbish removal in Sydney. This is a city that will throw a myriad of challenges and obstacles towards businesses and they need two central qualities to meet the needs of customers: forward-thinking and flexibility. If those elements are in short supply, that will be an indication of a lack of experienced staff members negotiating the complexities of the project. It will take time for new businesses in the market to gain the confidence of the public and establish a network between local depot centres, but these specialists still need staff members who are cool under pressure and can produce solutions to immediate problems. Those attributes have to arrive through experience and experience alone.

Why Fake Grass In Sydney Is A Better Choice Than Your Lawn

artificial grass

Trying to decide between fake grass versus it’s natural counterpart? There really is no better choice than synthetic options for Sydney yards in terms of convenience, ease and cost effectiveness. Read on below to find out more.


Works for every season

Australia’s biggest season can have some pretty extreme seasonal differences. You might expect to have your lawn scorched in the summer under the 45 degree heat and unrelenting sun. It’s not an uncommon sight when driving through the suburbs to see front yard after front yard of dead, burnt grass that will need to be replaced in the milder seasons.

Winters can be very cold and wet and might see your lawn killed off by frostbite as well, and even spring and autumn can be unpredictable and range from very hot to very cold. It can be hard to be consistent with your lawn and keep it alive when it’s at the mercy of the unusual city weather patterns.

You’ll have no such trouble with fake grass in Sydney, rain, hail or shine it will always look unfailingly perfect. Premium materials mean you won’t be at risk of it fading in the sun or scorching in the heat and it remains pleasant to use all year round – no summer time prickles to worry about or weeds to try and kill off.


No issues with water restrictions

Australia is a dry country and water restrictions are a common thing in cities throughout the country. Australia’s biggest city is no exception and the days of being able to water the lawn for hours on end are long gone.

Fake grass in Sydney is the much more environmentally friendly answer and will reduce your water waste. All your artificial turf needs is a short spray down to keep dust away, fake grass in Sydney can dramatically reduce your water bill and prevent you from getting into any trouble over water restrictions.

You’ll have green turf all year round at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to upkeep your lawn. In such a dry country saving on water is the responsible thing to do, and fake grass in Sydney is the best way to save on it without sacrificing the look of your yard.


Easier to keep clean

Natural lawn is a maintenance nightmare. It requires constant upkeep and care to manage weeds, burnt patches and soil to prevent it from dying off. Pets and kids can easily do a lot of damage to a normal lawn, whereas fake grass in Sydney is super simple to keep clean. All that is requires is a general wash and brush down weekly.

If you have pets, their waste can easily be cleaned away by picking up and discarding solids and spraying the area down with a hose. Artificial turf is designed with a sub layer that will not hold onto odors, meaning your artificial lawn can handle anything.


Better for the lifestyle

Residents of Australia’s biggest city are known for being the outdoorsy type. Australian summers are hot and there’s nothing that city or suburb dwellers love more than enjoying the views from their yard. The city has some excellent beaches and water views so it not unusual for residents to own a boat, have a dog, or pull up after a day of the beach.

The houses and outdoor areas of homes in the city must be ready to handle the unique demands and wear and tear of outdoorsy city residents. Fake grass in Sydney holds up much better then natural alternatives.


FAQ’s Answered: 24 Hour Doctor


Getting sick is inconvenient, but what’s more inconvenient is not being able to see a GP when you need to. It’s impossible to decide when you fall unwell, but often, medical surgeries are only open between normal working hours. This is not very helpful when you need medical advice over the weekend or in the middle of the night. This is why a 24 hour doctor is so useful. This service will allow you to get medical advice whenever you need it, regardless of the day or time. If you haven’t heard of this service, keep reading to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions.


What is a 24 hour doctor?

In basic terms, this is a medical professional, medical service or medical clinic that is open after hours.  Oftentimes, if you feel unwell outside normal business hours, you either have to wait until the morning, or go to emergency at the local hospital. Neither of these are good options, but up until recently they were the only options available. However, 24 hour doctors are becoming more common, meaning you will be able to get medical advice at any time.


Are these practitioners qualified?

doctor checking a patient's blood pressure

All 24 hour doctors are required to be fully qualified. The Medical Board of Australia also requires these professionals to be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). It is important to recognise that these medical professionals have to adhere to the same standards and have the same qualifications as any other doctor. The only difference is that it is possible to get in touch with these general practitioners at any hour of the day or night.


What can 24 hour doctors do?

There is a common misconception that these medical professionals are limited to what they can do for their patients. However, this is not true. In reality, after- hour medical professionals are able to offer exactly the same services and advice as any other general practitioner.  This includes:

  • It is possible to get a repeat prescription or a new prescription from these medical professionals
  • Medical certificates. If you require a medical certificate to give to your employer, it is possible to get one from an after-hours medical professional.
  • After- hour practitioners are also able to give you a referral to see a specialist.
  • Radiology requests. If you need a CAT scan, mammogram, MRI or any other form of diagnostic imaging, an after-hours medical professional can help you arrange this.


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of seeing an after hour medical professional. The first of which is that these professionals are able to see you at any time, so you do not have to wait until normal clinic hours to speak to a professional. Essentially, these general practitioners are available to help you seven days a week, day and night. Furthermore, you will receive almost instant service. If you don’t want to leave your house, it is easy to video call a 24 hour doctor and be discussing your ailment within minutes.

Feeling unwell is unpleasant enough, even without the added struggle of finding a medical professional who has the time to see you. In most circumstances, it is important to seek advice before the illness gets worse. This is why it is so essential to see a general practitioner as soon as possible. 24 hour doctors allow you to see a medical professional quickly and easily without having to wait several days before you can get an appointment. This service also allows you the convenience of getting professional medical advice without even having to leave the comfort of your home.  Next time you need to speak to a GP, an after- hours doctor may be the best option.




Deciding Where To Go On Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


People from all over the globe head on down to Nevada to witness the great geological wonder that was created more than 6 million years ago. Many people opt to drive to the site to get the real road trip experience from the attraction however if you want to witness the ravine in a way that is out of this world opt for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. These rides allow you to avoid the crowds while also witnessing one of the wonders of the world.

So now you’re all hyped up about flying of the wonder but do you know which area you actually want to go to? While the GC is the attraction you will ultimately be seeing, it is so large that is has several areas that can all be day trips in themselves.

Below we are going to explore the areas of the GC that you can visit on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


West Rim

The West Rim is one of the hotspots for Grand Canyon helicopter tours and tours due to all the added facilities that the area has to offer. To begin with it is owned and operated by the Hualapai Native America Tribe to give it that extra care that it deserves. Many Grand Canyon helicopter tours go to this area as it is the only section of the GC that allows aircrafts to land on the base. If you would rather walk down 4,000 feet go on ahead but for those who don’t but still want to experience the base of the canyon this ride is for you.

Additionally the area has been very popular since the opening of the Skywalk in 2007. This bridge features a glass bottom where visitors are able to look down onto the base while being suspended 4,000 feet in the air.


South Rim

If you have seen the GC referenced in films, TV shows or even photographs chances are it was from the South Rim. All of those iconic shots take place here and from such it definitely draws a crowd. Be prepared to fight for the best photo spots if you are visiting the area on foot as it is common for thousands of people to arrive during the day.

Due to the iconic scenery from this area, many locals believe you haven’t experienced the GC unless you have been here. That’s just one contributing factor which makes the South Rim so popular and why many people would prefer to see it from a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


East Rim

The East Rim is the most remote part of the GC if you are travelling from Las Vegas. Due to its long distance you will find that the crowds die off a lot and many people prefer to catch a Grand Canyon helicopter tour out there. Just because it is far away doesn’t mean it is not worth seeing either.

The walls of the area have been formed by the Little Colorado River which give it an amazing feel. The area is also home to many notable attractions such as the Navajo Bridge and the Horseshoe Bend.


North Rim

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle then the North Rim is the area you want to get to. This part of the GC is elevated 1,000 feet higher than the South side which means it is cooler and fosters a lot more wildlife.

It is common for people to see families of deer and lots of wild fauna when visiting this section.

Should Information Technology Internships be Paid?

IT internship

Recruiting people for information technology internships can provide a range of benefits to a business or organisation. Improved productivity, new ideas and perspectives, greater public outreach and potential new employees are just some of the perks of hiring trainees.

Placements typically involve providing job-seekers with work experience and training. This allows them to get a taste of what the role or industry is like, network and gain industry contacts, and gain a good reference for their résumé.

Before you start recruiting, however, it’s crucial to consider the moral, ethical and legal dilemmas associated with whether or not you should pay your trainees.

You may be hesitant to pay for information technology internships due to being on a tight budget or after comparing yourself to other companies who don’t pay their trainees. And with many people begging to work for free in exchange for training and experience, you may believe payment is unnecessary.

However, not paying your trainees could end up costing you in the long-run due to legal issues. It also puts students who are not financially well-off at a disadvantage. Here are some of the major things to consider when deciding whether or not to pay your trainees a salary:


Legal implications

The legal rules associated with not paying trainees are hazy; however businesses do run the risk of breaking the law if they do not pay their trainees. Australian regulations around information technology internships are not formally defined, however the Fair Work Ombudsman considers a trainee to be an employee (with a right to be paid for their work) if they are not simply learning and observing but are undertaking tasks that assist with business productivity and outputs.

Various businesses have been taken to court by the Ombudsman based on this view, with many businesses guilty of underpaying their trainees being fined thousands of dollars. The International Labour Organisation has cautioned that information technology internships may be a masked kind of employment which don’t offer the on-the-job training as required but expect trainees to perform unpaid labour. This may also increase unemployment rates as it displaces full-time workers and prevents people from accessing the paid work they are entitled to.


Social impacts

Unpaid information technology internships can damage social mobility as they exclude people who can’t afford to participate in them. People who miss out are typically those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who need paid work (often whilst studying full-time) in order to support themselves financially. Most people who get recruited are from higher socioeconomic backgrounds who can afford to participate, as their parents are able to financially support them. This keeps poor people poor and rich people rich.


Paid trainees are better for your company

Paid trainees are happy trainees. This means that they are more excited about coming to work and contributing. They’ll also have more time to work with you, as they aren’t limited to the few hours they have in between work and study each week. They are also more likely to have a positive opinion of your company, and may serve as “brand ambassadors”, telling their friends and family about your business (thus helping you out with recruitment costs!).


What you’re offering

If you can’t pay, you should at least offer trainees a high-quality training program. Give some thought as to the specific experiences and skills you can provide; getting them to go for coffee runs won’t cut it (and could get you into legal trouble). Information technology internships should be mentoring experiences in which the trainee is made better prepared for work in the real world.

A Guide On Hiring Will Dispute Lawyers

last will and a pen

Dealing with the death of a close friend or family member is hard enough to deal with as is. The manner in which we grieve depends on the individual; however, what is clear is that it can be really difficult to be constructive and positive in what is a sad and emotional time. What can make this situation worse, however, is the prospect of someone’s final legal testament being disputed and haggled over by family and friends. More often than not, will dispute lawyers are required to solve disagreements and concerns regarding the equitable split of someone’s assets following their death. The purpose of this is to amend the manner of splitting someone’s estate so it is fair for all those involved. If this resonates with a situation you are involved in, here are several advantages of seeking the legal advice of will dispute lawyers.


What do will dispute lawyers do?

signing the last will and testament

Will dispute lawyers assist when someone wants to challenge a deceased person’s asset dispersion. Most cases don’t actually end up going to court, since they are often settled prior to going to trial. Likewise, these issues can be solved through a process called mediation. However, many high-profile cases do end up in court.

If you get in contact with will dispute lawyers, they’ll likely tell you that you need to prepare in order for your challenge to be successful. Indeed, most contests are unsuccessful because of poor preparation and a lack of strong legal counsel.

Furthermore, your solicitors can help draft the necessary Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement. These documents are essential in terms of clarifying which assets are in question, their value and how they should be split amongst the beneficiaries of the estate.


Get what you deserve

It’s important that you get what you feel you deserve following the death of a loved one. The pain of losing them can be worsened by the idea that they were somehow upset or disappointed with you in some way, to the point that they exclude you from their estate.

Nonetheless, if you sincerely believe that you have a stake in their assets, there are several methods of lodging a challenge. Before doing this, be sure to get in contact with will dispute lawyers to ensure your challenge is successful. You can lodge a challenge if you believe the deceased lacked the mental faculty to make decisions regarding their estate. This could be attributed to conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Other forms of mental illness can also be accepted as grounds to make the legal document invalid.


No more breaches of trust

Unfortunately, some estates are falsified with documents that have been created under duress. What does this mean? Simply, it infers that the individual was purposely misled or confused, thus signing a document they didn’t necessarily approve of. Usually this occurs if one of the beneficiaries is trying to divvy up the assets in a manner that favours them. In this scenario, will dispute lawyers can definitely assist in lodging a claim that can contest the legal document and ensure the trust or estate is no longer breached by unethical executors.


Your family is more secure

In addition, a person’s estate can be challenged if you believe that the family provisions are inadequate. If you are a direct family member of the deceased (i.e. husband, wife, son, daughter), then it is important that you receive the financial support you are entitled to, particularly if the deceased was the primary income earner for the household. For some families and individuals, this money is incredibly important in terms of building an income safety net. Therefore, you should definitely consider hiring will dispute lawyers to assist with your case.


4 Historical Facts About Dentistry

It can be really easy to take things for granted in today’s society, especially when it comes to modern medicine.

Many people dread going visiting a dentist in Wagga, simply because they are concerned about the potential pain. However, we are incredibly lucky to have qualified, well trained professionals to deal with our oral care.

In fact, this was not always the case. Dental care has a long history, and when you learn more about it you will be forever grateful for your dentist in Wagga. Keep reading to find out some interesting facts about oral care.


Fact 1: Barbers used to pull teeth

Although today you are probably used to visiting your dentist in Wagga for any tooth related problems, this was not always the case.

As you probably already know, medicine has changed drastically over the years, this no different when it comes to oral care. In fact, hundreds of years ago, barbers used to pull teeth.

Barbers are great for a haircut, but they are certainly not qualified to deal with dental issues. So, let’s be thankful that today there is qualified dentists in Wagga to take care of our teeth!


Fact 2: The first one was in Ancient Egypt

It can be hard to imagine how the profession came into existence, especially when dentists in Wagga are so easily accessible today. However, even the ancient man wanted his smile to look good!

The first recorded dental professional actually came from Ancient Egypt in 2600 BC. This physician was Hesy-Re and he apparently helped his fellow Egyptians with all of their teeth problems.

Interestingly, his tomb stone is said to be engraved with the words “the greatest of those who deal with teeth, and of physicians”. Apparently Hesy-Re was not only the first, but also the best oral practitioner!


Fact 3: The first toothbrushes were known as “chewing sticks”

toothbrush and toothpaste

Your current dentist in Wagga is probably always reminding you of the importance of regularly brushing your teeth and advising you on the best toothbrushes.  But do you actually know where the toothbrush originated?

The first toothbrush was actually invented by the Hindus of India in 4000 B.C. This was created by taking a fresh twig and fraying the end into bristles. In 3500BC this was named by the Babylonians as the “chewing stick”.

This invention may be a predecessor to the toothbrushes we use today, but the direct ancestor to our modern toothbrush was actually invented in China in the year 1600. Rather than being made out of a twig, this was made from hog bristles.


Fact 4: Toothpaste used to be sold in jars

There is a constant argument between couples and families about how the toothpaste tube should be squeezed, and more importantly about how it should not be squeezed. If this is an argument you find yourself having on a regular basis, you may have been born in the wrong era.

In 1873 Colgate mass produced the first ever toothpaste, while many things have changed about this product, one of the most noticeable is the packaging. This early toothpaste was actually sold in jars!

Although this prevented the argument of if you should squeeze from the top, middle or bottom, it was also an easy way of catching diseases and colds!

It’s clear that dentistry has come a long way from its roots back in Ancient Egypt. For that we can all be thankful!

In today’s society we are incredibly lucky to be able to visit a dentist in Wagga whenever we have any pains or issues with our teeth. These dental professionals are highly qualified and will be able to give you advice and assistance with anything regarding your oral care.