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Methods of Treatment for Endometriosis


Endometriosis is a condition that is often overlooked, and most commonly misunderstood. One of the key reasons for this is the fact that the symptoms experienced by everyone, may vary. While some women experience symptoms that are mild, and partially unrecognisable, others experience symptoms that are so severe; they cannot manage the pain thereof.

Even if one is experiencing a lot of pain, it also doesn’t mean that your condition is worse than the person that’s only experiencing mild symptoms. The severity of the pain thus doesn’t indicate the stage of your condition.

Endometriosis is not recognised as an illness, but rather a disease. Some people even have the worst level of the condition, and yet still don’t experience any symptoms, which is what makes it so dangerous.

Pain, however, is often related to the condition as a symptom.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

Symptoms regarding the condition include cramps before or after a woman’s menstruation cycle, having unusual painful cycles, infertility, the discomfort of bowel movements, lower back pain, heavy menstrual bleeding and pain in your lower abdomen.

It’s clear to say that endometriosis occurs in women, rather than men.

Due to the severity of endometriosis as a condition, women must have regular check-ups with their gynaecologist and be examined on an appropriate schedule. If you’ve experienced symptoms of endometriosis in the past, or even the condition itself, you must also continue to monitor yourself and consult with a healthcare professional for added safety.


Treatment Options for Endometriosis

Depending on the severity of your condition, treatment options might vary.

Pain Medication

Since there is a high level of pain, paired with the condition, you want to relieve the symptoms as quickly as possible, which often results in having to consume pain medication.

The intensity of your medication, for example, the level of pain-relief it provides, will be prescribed by a registered health care professional for you. The pain medication required to treat the condition, can generally not be bought over a counter without a prescription.

Hormonal Contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives are fertility treatment, as it prevents the growth or build-up of endometrial tissue. Hormonal contraceptives may include birth control pills, injections and patches. It will eliminate pain, as well as prevent it. The medroxyprogesterone injection also stops menstruation, during this period, to allow for healing, rather than encouraging cancer growth.

Hormonal Therapy

This type of medication relieves pain and stops the progression of tissue growth that occurs at a faster pace with endometriosis. It also helps regulate your hormones, which is thrown off balanced, due to the condition.

Conservative and Last-Resort Surgery

In the case of medication not working, doctors and gynaecologists will recommend surgery.

Conservative surgery is implemented for women who want to get pregnant, or in the case of experiencing severe pain. The goal of the surgery is to destroy endometrial growths, without damaging a woman’s reproductive organs, while a last-resort surgery, best known as a hysterectomy, is issued by your doctor if your body doesn’t respond to other treatments.

A hysterectomy involves the removal of a woman’s cervix and uterus as well as the ovaries, as these organs are the leading cause of endometrial tissue growth. It is considered a radical approach to treatment and is only chosen in severe cases.

Dressing sense and personality:


Well, these are two starkly opposite ideas, but have quite an influence on each other. And it’s a fact – they way you dress brings out your confidence, and your confidence quotient is an integral, important aspect of your personality. We’ll be talking about how to make sure you dress just right, to reflect your confidence and personality.

Know your body type:
First and foremost, know your body type. You should know and accept your body type. No matter what shape you are then, it shouldn’t matter. Being comfortable in your skin is most important. Knowing your face structure will also aid you. Try to understand both well; it will help in dressing up in a better.

Dress according to your body type:
Once you know your body type, you automatically are clear with what exactly complement your body type. Knowing what looks most flattering on you will help you dress better and appear as well as feel confident.

Cosmetics and accessories:
If you are fond of cosmetics, then you should research thoroughly and list out those cosmetics which suit your skin tone the best. Also, the knowledge of your face structure will help you figure out the perfect accessories that complement your face.

Make sure what you wear reflects the real you:
Wearing something just because it’s in vogue or just because someone else has been wearing it doesn’t make sense. You should be comfortable in the way you dress. Comfort it the key to confidence. Being uncomfortable in the way you dress will only pull down your confidence level.

Dress to suit the occasion:
Well, this is not rocket science to be learnt. It’s pretty simple – if the occasion is formal, go for your formal wardrobe. If it’s an informal occasion, you can flaunt the best of your informal outfits. If you’re confused, settle in for semi-formal. Don’t dress weirdly; it will make you feel out of place.


Go in for colours which reflect your personality:
A flamboyant personality will opt for bright, vibrant colours while a reserved personality will choose milder, pastel shades. Whatever your personality type is, make sure the colour suits the occasion.

We really hope these tips helped!


Tips to develop your personality:


Each one of us is gifted with an inborn personality. It’s just like an unpolished stone – you have to take efforts to make it shine. And no, it doesn’t take a lot to have a personality that stands apart – Just simple ways which you can incorporate in your everyday life. The moment efforts become a habit; you’ve already started evolving. Let’s have a look at few things which can actually make a difference and help you shape your personality into a better version of the existing good.

You have to be well read:
For those whose passion is reading, it’s not a worry. But for those who don’t, or have trouble with the language, I know that reading can get taxing. But that shouldn’t stop you from attempting to read. Make a pact with yourself – one book a week. You can spend the entire week reading the books as per your convenience or devour it in half a week – that’s your choice. But inculcate reading as a habit, and you’ll watch the wonders it works for you.

Make an effort to keep yourself updated:
Apart from reading novels and autobiographies, you have to make a conscious effort to stay updated with what’s happening around the world. This will help you build opinions about subjects, which will help in more relaxed conversations. Make it a point to read the newspaper daily, or watch the news. There are tonnes of apps out there which help you do it too – so make use of them. You’ll notice how being able to put forth your opinions about a particular issue in a group of people becomes a lot sorted and easier.

Learn a sport:
Sports builds in you a personality that nothing else can. You build a confidence that reflects in the way you walk, talk and project yourself. An add-on is that you get to develop and experience team spirit hands on and your leadership qualities are uncovered and developed too. Choose a sport of your choice, preferably a team sport and watch yourself push yourself out of your comfort zone and evolve into a stronger, competent and compassionate personality.


Jump into interactions:
Don’t leave an opportunity to interact with people wherever you are. Initiating conversations is not a big task. And once you do, you come to terms with the fact that the world is filled with beautiful people – each with a different perspective, opinion and a lot of things to tell which were probably unknown to you. Interacting with fellow humans will help you understand that there’s so much out in the world which you don’t know and haven’t yet explored. So just seize the opportunity to interact with people whenever you can. And remember, there’s something to learn from every human – young, old, qualified, unqualified, rich or poor – you just need to have a listening ear!

Hope these tips help!