2 Awesome Benefits of Using a Lync Busy Light in your Office

Interruptions are horrible things in the business world. They slow down progress, lower motivation and morale as well as make you feel like you didn’t accomplish as much as you could have at the end of the day.

Luckily, by using a busy light on your desk you can successfully eliminate all of the annoying interruptions that disrupt your workflow and ultimately make you perform worse. Let’s take a look at why investing in a lync busy light is such a great productivity solution for your office space.


Eliminate pesky interruptions

The best and most obvious benefit of using a lync busy light or desk indicator is that it lets everyone know when you’re too preoccupied to chat to them. This is especially useful during phone calls with a headset where your co-workers may not be able to tell if you’re actively in a call or not.

For example, let’s say that you have an important phone meeting with a prospective client. The last thing you would want is for one of your co-workers to come up and ask you something unrelated while you’re trying to give all of your attention to the prospect.

Desk indicators aren’t just for protecting your phone calls from interruptions; they can be used to subtly inform your co-workers about what you’re doing and when you’re available to chat. Let say that you are working on an important project that requires your full attention; the last thing you need is to have a co-worker interrupt your creative workflow and reducing your productivity.

When you use a lync busy light, you enable all of your co-workers to easily see when you’re too busy to chat and when you’re free. This goes a long way in reducing time wasted in the office as everyone will be far more productive in each of their interactions.

For example, if someone wanted to ask you something but saw that your desk indicator was switched to red, they would know not to waste any time walking over attempting to speak with you. Little things like this, when added together, make a noticeable difference in improving office productivity in your work space.




Provide better phone service to clients

Another great benefit of using a lync busy light is that you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of being interrupted while talking to an important prospect or client. There are few things more certain to queer a crucial business negotiation or report than a random interruption from a co-worker.

Even if the interruption was minor and you had no way or predicting it; clients will feel unimportant if their chat with you is being halted for other things. Remember, they are busy and have their own lives to run, so any inconvenience an interruption causes you goes double for them.

Using a lync busy light at your desk means that all of your co-workers will know when you’re in a phone call and when you’re free to speak just by looking at the colour of the light. Just like with traffic, green means go and red means stop, making it easy for people to adjust to approaching your desk in this way.

Ultimately, a lync busy light brings a common sense productivity solution to any office space that its used in. The simplicity of the device makes it easy to set up and start enjoying the benefits of it.

Hopefully more office workers, especially those who make a lot of phone calls, will adopt this technology and reap the productivity rewards it offers.