3 Key Considerations When Selecting A Road Matting Provider

A temporary road matting through a forest

Selecting a provider from which to source a product like a set of road matting is an important task that you want to make sure you get right from the start. This type of product has many safety implications and is something that, therefore, can have certain liability issues attached to it. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake when buying road matting and causing some kind of disruption to the construction site it is being used on, or worse, cause an accident that results in property damage, injury, or even death.

Therefore, it’s essential you consider the following 3 things when you are selecting a road matting provider to engage with.

1.    Do they have a quality product?

Of course, the most important consideration in terms of getting value for money, and ensuring safety, is to make sure that the product is of sufficient quality. There are many different types of road matting products out there, and some will no doubt be superior to others for the job you intend to do.

Some unconventional options, such as bamboo road matting, can be a great choice. These products are designed for heavy-duty use, but they are also made from a material (bamboo) that is far more sustainable than the typical timber variety.

This is because bamboo shoots grow at a much, much faster rate than the average timber tree. Ideally, you would partner with a firm that exclusively uses FSC A1 grade bamboo for their road matting products, as this is the best mix of sustainability and durability, being one of the fastest-growing renewable resources on earth.

This bamboo grows at a rate that exceeds 1 meter per day. The bamboo forest that is harvested will also absorb 5T/hectare of CO2 emissions each year. Along with capturing a large amount of CO2 emissions, this bamboo will create 35% more oxygen than a grove of trees that is of equivalent size.

You should engage with a road matting manufacturer that harvests bamboo on a 4-5 year cycle that optimises CO2 sequestering. This creates a forest that provides a non-trivial CO2 sink and thrives under forestry techniques designed around sustainability.

Going this route allows you to benefit from an incredibly durable range of products, without feeling guilty about contributing to deforestation of hardwood crops. Engaging with a supplier of bamboo road matting is clearly the superior choice

2.    Honestly and professionalism

Naturally, when you engage any kind of company, you want to know that they are dealing with you in an honest and professional manner. They would be no point in doing business with a company that knowingly tried to sell you faulty products or was dishonest about some elements of payment and ordering/returns.

If some kind of hiccup occurs when you are ordering the product from the manufacturer or supplier, they should be honest and upfront about dealing with the issue that has arisen. They should never try to obfuscate or delay things – they need to be direct and accountable with you at all times.

3.    Affordability

Bamboo road mats

When you are engaging a provider of road matting, you need to know that you are buying something that gets the job done, but that also fits within your budgetary requirements. You need to do your research into the product types on offer and try to find the best deal that ensures you get a quality product at the best price possible.

As you can see, there are a few things worth considering when you are looking at buying quality road matting products.