5 Trash Items That Shouldn’t End Up in Landfills

pile of rubbish

If your local experts for rubbish removal in Sydney tell you to keep certain items out of the trash can, they are trying to communicate something you need to listen. A landfill is a place where all the waste meets its fate, but there are some toxic waste items even a rubbish dump refuses to take because of its adverse impact on the environment.

Of course, such items are eventually dumped in the landfills but only after undergoing a sustainable treatment at government authorized household hazardous waste management facilities. So, next time your rubbish removal Sydney based company comes down to pick up your trash, be a responsible citizen and pack the following toxic trash items separately so that they can be treated and disposed of separately.

#1 Batteries

From the smallest of batteries used in hearing aids and wristwatch to the bigger ones in portable electronic devices and vehicles, none of these should go in the trash can. Rechargeable batteries, such as nickel cadmium and lithium ion, or any battery for that matter should be disposed of at your nearest Household Hazard Waste Management facility, or you can ask your rubbish removal Sydney-based experts to handle it for you.

#2 Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are compact and cheap, and when they break down due to electrical damage, repair is not an option. As a result, the device ends up in the trash. However, that’s not the right thing to do because all electronic devices contain lead and cadmium, which are the worst enemies of the environment. If you have an old, unwanted computer, mobile phone, printer or any electronic device which is no longer in use or has gone kaput, the best way to get rid of them is to drop them off at the E-waste recycling facility or let the concerned facility for rubbish removal in Sydney take care of it for you.

#3 Varnish and Paints

Did you have your home newly painted recently? Not sure what to do with the leftover varnish and paint in the cans? Leaving these cans for your rubbish removal Sydney-based service to pick up may sound reasonable, but it may not be the best way forward. While you can return sealed cans to the point of purchase, the less-used cans should be donated to NGOs, schools or someone in the neighborhood who could use them towards their upcoming home renovation.

#4 Engine oil

Do you love the environment much as you love your car? Servicing your vehicle at home and getting some grease under the nails might be your favorite pastime but make sure you do not end up polluting the environment while doing so. When you drain the engine oil of your car, collect it in a plastic container and drop it off at the nearest car service station or recycling center. If the facility responsible for your rubbish removal in Sydney can dispose of it safely, let them take it away.

#5 Medical waste

Expired medicines, used syringes and mercury thermometers ending up in the garbage can pose a severe health hazard to humans, animals and the environment as a whole. Never let these items unknowingly picked up by your rubbish removal Sydney-bound service along with the rest of the trash, unless they are willing to take them off your hands.