6 Steps to Choosing a Good Solar Panel Supplier

solar panel supplier

With high electrical bills affecting most homes and institutions, many turn to solar power for energy. Solar panels provide dependable, long-lasting, and cost-saving energy to homes and organizations. With that said, it is essential to choose high-quality solar panels from a renowned manufacturer. Doing this ensures you have the perfect solar panel for all your needs.

Choosing the right solar panel supplier is essential to achieving all the benefits of a solar panel. However, it is not an easy task to select a good provider when buying your solar panel. Thoroughly assessing a solar installer is ideal when finding the best for your needs. It will help you choose from the large group of solar panel providers available.

Steps to Choosing a Solar Panel Supplier

How you choose your solar panel supplier affects your usage and performance of solar power. Numerous solar energy companies have highly skilled and experienced personnel. Since the numbers can be confusing when it comes to selecting the right one, we have gathered essential steps to narrow down the options.

Identify the supplier

You need to know what type of supplier you want. There are manufacturers, installation suppliers, financing companies, lead generation companies, dealers, and full-service providers.

  • Solar panel manufacturers make the equipment used in installing a solar photovoltaic system.
  • Installation companies buy solar systems and other vital components needed to install your panels from manufacturers.
  • Financing companies provide funding to help homes and businesses finance their solar panels.
  • Lead generation companies create leads and make sales for other institutions in the solar panel industry.
  • Dealers have the right to sell solar products from a specific manufacturer.
  • Full-service providers are suppliers that handle everything to ensure you have a fully functioning solar power system in your home.

Request quotations from multiple suppliers

The cost of erecting a solar panel in your home or business is not cheap. Therefore, you should look for a solar panel supplier that offers the best installation services on a budget. Get quotes from various suppliers and start comparing the best prices. Mostly, the supplier charges installation fees depending on the size of your panel.


two men installing solar panels

Your solar panel supplier is also responsible for setting up the solar system in your home or business. With that said, choose a provider with sufficient expertise to handle matters about solar panels and installation. The ideal supplier has at least two years of experience in the industry.

Registration and insurance

Apart from experience, a solar panel supplier should also have proper licensing and insurance. The provider should at least have a C-10 license and be registered with a general electrical contractor in the state. You should ensure that your supplier has the license to participate in the wiring tasks and handle electrical components in the solar system.

Reputation and experience

Since solar power is a growing industry, it is drawing many experts from various backgrounds. It becomes a bit challenging to find an experienced solar panel supplier with steady work history. You should ensure that the supplier will not drop your project midway from their reputation. Also, ask your supplier for previous projects to understand how they work. It is also essential to choose a supplier that will offer post-installation services and follow-ups.

Warranties and maintenance

A good solar panel supplier will have a warranty to cover issues that may arise from the installation. If problems occur, the supplier should be able to fix them in good time.

If you do your homework as expected and follow these steps, you can easily find a good solar panel provider. The supplier should be all-rounded in service delivery. Choosing a good supplier will enable you to get the best solar system that will serve you for years.