Common Mistakes When Buying a Modern Hot Water Cylinder

Common Mistakes When Buying a Modern Hot Water Cylinder

Whether you are building a new home, moving into new premises or just want to upgrade your energy system, there will be a need to ensure you have a modern hot water cylinder that can cater to the entire household.


From hot showers to warm baths and cleaning dishes, there is a regular need to access hot water from the tap when the moment calls for it.


Such a desire is only escalated during those freezing temperatures in the middle of winter when hot water bottles and warm cups of coco are required on those frosty evenings.


Yet consumers continue to make common errors and mistakes when they venture out to a provider, only equipped with a rough idea of what they need without knowing how to identify their ideal system.


A lack of knowledge and awareness is perfectly understandable, especially for those that are outside of the energy sector. This is an industry that has evolved and changed over time as greater consumer demands have altered how these brands do business.


So to arm you with the information you need, it is worthwhile taking stock of the mistakes that are made when sourcing a cylinder for your household.


Once you acknowledge these errors, you will be well placed to pinpoint the product for you and your family.

Lack of Warranty


It is imperative with any investment of this nature that you source a legally binding warranty when purchasing a hot water cylinder. Even though these products might label something that stands out such as a 10 or 20-year warranty, it is important to read the fine print to ensure there are not any stipulations or conditions on them.


There have been instances noted before for similar products that still see service fees paid for problems occur within a warranty, from call outs for professionals to replacing parts that have to be imported. Obtain an agreement and have it checked in writing that your warranty will see a replacement issued free of cost should you encounter any problems.

Certified Installation Process


An experienced and certified plumber who has experience with the brand of the hot water cylinder you have purchased is paramount. Any issues that arise in this field can see further damage be caused and subsequent problems arise with the cylinder that has been wrongly installed. The company should be transparent to allow you to contact and ask the plumber questions about the process.

Maximising Your Own Space


The space that you have for your hot water cylinder will ultimately speak to the product you settle on, as the dearer models will be able to operate for longer periods and throughout more locations. Yet there is no point paying top dollar for such a cylinder if you have a limited capacity. The same principle applies in reverse order as the smaller models are ill-suited to sources of a greater capacity. From the 2KW options to the 3KW, check first how much storage capacity you have per litre to ensure that your cylinder is running efficiently and not wasting the heat generated by the system.

Mains Pressure Access


It is a myth to state that your household cannot have access to a hot water cylinder that will not, at some stage, provide mains pressure. Much like gas heating is being replaced with solar technology, low pressure taps are being phased out and upgraded to the better version of mains pressure. Those operators that attempt to dissuade you from purchasing such a product are not educated or in tune with the latest market trends in this industry.

Being Overcharged


Find as many quotes and prices for a hot water cylinder as you can. From visiting outlets in store to search the web for domestic and international models (although it is advised to stick to domestic operators for warranty and service requirements), ensure you are not overcharged. Double check with other sources and speak with stores that are setting their pricing structure above industry standards.