Deciding Where To Go On Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


People from all over the globe head on down to Nevada to witness the great geological wonder that was created more than 6 million years ago. Many people opt to drive to the site to get the real road trip experience from the attraction however if you want to witness the ravine in a way that is out of this world opt for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. These rides allow you to avoid the crowds while also witnessing one of the wonders of the world.

So now you’re all hyped up about flying of the wonder but do you know which area you actually want to go to? While the GC is the attraction you will ultimately be seeing, it is so large that is has several areas that can all be day trips in themselves.

Below we are going to explore the areas of the GC that you can visit on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


West Rim

The West Rim is one of the hotspots for Grand Canyon helicopter tours and tours due to all the added facilities that the area has to offer. To begin with it is owned and operated by the Hualapai Native America Tribe to give it that extra care that it deserves. Many Grand Canyon helicopter tours go to this area as it is the only section of the GC that allows aircrafts to land on the base. If you would rather walk down 4,000 feet go on ahead but for those who don’t but still want to experience the base of the canyon this ride is for you.

Additionally the area has been very popular since the opening of the Skywalk in 2007. This bridge features a glass bottom where visitors are able to look down onto the base while being suspended 4,000 feet in the air.


South Rim

If you have seen the GC referenced in films, TV shows or even photographs chances are it was from the South Rim. All of those iconic shots take place here and from such it definitely draws a crowd. Be prepared to fight for the best photo spots if you are visiting the area on foot as it is common for thousands of people to arrive during the day.

Due to the iconic scenery from this area, many locals believe you haven’t experienced the GC unless you have been here. That’s just one contributing factor which makes the South Rim so popular and why many people would prefer to see it from a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


East Rim

The East Rim is the most remote part of the GC if you are travelling from Las Vegas. Due to its long distance you will find that the crowds die off a lot and many people prefer to catch a Grand Canyon helicopter tour out there. Just because it is far away doesn’t mean it is not worth seeing either.

The walls of the area have been formed by the Little Colorado River which give it an amazing feel. The area is also home to many notable attractions such as the Navajo Bridge and the Horseshoe Bend.


North Rim

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle then the North Rim is the area you want to get to. This part of the GC is elevated 1,000 feet higher than the South side which means it is cooler and fosters a lot more wildlife.

It is common for people to see families of deer and lots of wild fauna when visiting this section.