Determining The Dita Sydney Difference In Eyewear

Woman wearing DITA Sydney eyewear

Eyewear has become a fashion line unto itself in recent years. The world is becoming more and more stylized to the point where ocular health apparatuses are considered a fashionable accessory and determinant in the social status of the wearer in certain circles. In the most populous city in Australia, there is something to be said about the Dita Sydney difference in eyewear and fashion.

The brand is synonymous with luxury and handcraftsmanship, being celebrated as one of Japan’s most famous examples of style and sophistication. Dita Sydney is now associated with excessive elegance and separating oneself from the pack, once only available in flagship stores, some exclusive retailers have hopped on the bandwagon and are now perpetuating the Dita Sydney takeover.

There are a few ways to determine this Dita Sydney difference, the following are a few ways you can see for yourself.

The Brand

The current Dita Sydney wave was not on the cards when the brand launched in Japan in 1995 to widespread acclaim. Once a boutique and stylish product made by hand, the elegant pieces of ocular wear were immediately recognised by celebrities and influencers around the world as a means of luxurious accessory.

After the initial few years of success, the company then spread throughout the world, opening flagships in major cities in the major shopping hubs of society and establishing a brand and sense of supremacy over the burgeoning luxury eyewear market.

The Dita Sydney flagship opened in the boutique Pitt St Mall, and since then has been taken on by various luxury and quality suppliers of eyewear frames. 

The Creation

The way these pieces are formed is actually quite old-school when compared to other companies in today’s ilk. A lot of the larger and more famous brands of luxury eyewear have such a large volume turnover that the true craftsmanship is lost to larger profits.

For instance, certain companies will have their range of sunglasses and their range of reading or everyday frames be created in completely different places, with the brand name being espoused and printed as if it were all a singular process.

The star of this show however approaches creation differently. When waltzing through your local eyewear retailer and you see a certain glimmer and marksmanship, you’re starting to determine the Dita Sydney difference. The company spends months perfecting a design, typically utilising a range of high-end materials like 18k Gold, Titanium, White Gold & other Japanese Acetates.

This extra layer of luxury is not lost on the typical consumer, the higher-end brands may have the volume dominance over their competitors. The marksmanship, the attention to detail that most of high society has a supreme focus on is hard to mass-produce – in fact, it’s impossible.

The Dita Sydney difference is about more than simply standing out in a crowded room, the quality builds and dedication to craft is one of the many ways to determine the impact the brand is making on the industry.

The Dita Sydney Retailers

The brand is quite fussy when it comes to choosing the right supplier for their products. In lieu of simply spreading to as many retailers as possible, official Dita Sydney suppliers are chosen based on their relevance to the brand. Often being associated with exclusivity, luxury and pampered fashion items – these retailers will likely espouse the same praise that we have today, for a very good reason.

Finding a retailer that has an exclusive contract is a wonderful find indeed, as any owner will tell you, the Dita Sydney difference is hard to miss.