How to Assess New Bongs on the Market


Bongs are marketed and supplied in a range of shapes, sizes and profiles. When outlets extend new items on the shelves, tobacco smokers can be swept up in these creations and look to introduce them into their practice. However, not every bong is developed and sold with the same assurances, creating discrepancies that have to be noticed ahead of time. This is a chance to see how consumers judge a new investment opportunity and the features they look for when making their selection. 

What is the Brand Reception?

One of the best methods that constituents can use to assess new bongs on the market is to consider what the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier happens to be. Tobacco smokers who have friends, family and colleagues who shop in the same areas should be open to passing over referrals and recommendations. Yet it will be online domains through search engines, apps and social media spaces where members can survey 5-star ratings systems and written feedback about bong performance. 

Is the Size Suitable for Tobacco Use?

It is easy to be attracted by the latest bongs that are on offer from suppliers, but smokers have to consider if the utility is suitable for use given the size of the item. Outlets in this industry will extend small, regular, large and extra large designs that are geared for different ends of the market, dictating how big the tobacco hit will be for each participant. Before agreeing to the purchase, reflect on the size of the material first. 

What Kind of Material is on Show? 

The decision to purchase these new cylinder designs is often dictated by the material that is used to develop the item. From popular glass collections to plastic, ceramic, metal, synthetic, bamboo and wood alternatives, these brands will carry unique properties that outline if they are worth the time and money. The texture and weight will offer obvious discrepancies, but it will be the suitability, price, durability and aesthetics that all play a role. 

Is it Easy to Clean & Reuse? 

Old man using a bong

Smoking bongs should be a pleasant and relaxing experience. In the event that leftover residue remains inside the chamber, that will cause harm to the user and impact the integrity of the substance. If new models are to be viable for shoppers, they have to be easy to clean and simple to reuse, something that is supported with cleaning accessories and transparent shapes that demonstrate if the material is clean. 

What is the Product Price? 

Smokers have to account for the bottom line price of bongs just like any other purchase. There are niche brands and suppliers who are able to set premium prices on their stock given the quality of the material, but a majority of constituents will only have a limited spend on this front. Participants that are scanning for new products are advised to take their time, compare other bongs that are showcased from outlets and consider what their maximum investment level will be before agreeing to the package. 

Does it Require Accessories? 

From the inclusion of extra stem pieces to cleaning utilities and other components that can be added to the overall package, it helps to assess if these new bongs require any additional accessories. The best brands will often be compact and user-friendly without demanding any other elements to purchase or include into the shopping cart. Of course, there will be certain products that are improved with the aid of some additional accessories, but it helps when there are not a number of extras that are thrown into the mix.