How to Choose Electrical Wholesalers

Salesman working in an electrical wholesaler shop

It has become extremely difficult for electricians to find genuine electrical products due to the many counterfeits in the market. Besides being a safety hazard, counterfeit products can damage a business’s reputation. Whether you’re an electrician looking for electrical products for your job or you’re a reseller dealing in electrician supplies, it’s important to purchase your products from certified electrical wholesalers. While there are many shady wholesalers in the market, you can still find reliable electrical wholesalers to do business with.

Before buying from an electrical wholesaler, you’ll need to do thorough research beforehand to determine if they offer authentic products. As an electrician, you don’t want to buy products that pose a risk to your safety and your clients. Installing substandard electrical products will not only come with expensive lawsuits but it will also ruin your reputation and dent your career for life. That’s why extensive research is important when choosing an electrical wholesaler.

Choosing electrical wholesalers to buy from

  • Pricing

Though prices shouldn’t be the sole factor to consider when buying electrical products, you’ll want to buy electrician supplies from wholesalers that offer competitive prices. A wholesaler should give you a discount if you are placing large orders. Be sure to compare the prices of several electrical wholesalers and choose a reliable one for your needs.

  • Warranty

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a reliable wholesaler. A reputable electrical wholesaler should offer a warranty on their electrical supplies to protect you from losses in case of product defects. As an electrician, installing electrical products without warranty will harm your business. Before you purchase electrician supplies from a wholesaler, be sure to check what the warranty covers to avoid surprises later on. Ideally, the minimum warranty period for electrical products should be 2 years.

  • Check their reputation on customer review websites

You’ll also want to consider the reputation of a wholesaler before buying from them. What are other customers saying about the quality of their products? How do they handle customer complaints? Do they have a customer review section on their website where customers can leave feedback? How about their customer service? These questions will help you determine whether an electrical wholesaler is dependable or not. Ensure you check the popular reviews websites like BBB  to get an idea of what previous customers are saying about the wholesaler.

  • Check if they are licensed
Electrician inside an electrical wholesaler shop

Licensed electrical wholesalers have complied with the laws and ordinances of a specific jurisdiction, so they are more likely to sell authentic electrical products. Ask the wholesaler to provide you with proof of licensing before you make a buying decision. Buying electrical goods from a licensed dealer means you’ll be protected by insurance in case there are any defects within a certain period. 

  • Expertise

A reliable electrical wholesaler should have knowledgeable staff to help customers with making choices and ensure they have a smooth experience. When the seller is knowledgeable on electrical products, they’ll help you save time and prevent issues like ordering the wrong products.

  • Delivery

Does the electrical wholesaler deliver orders? Do they offer flexible delivery options? How fast do they deliver? It’s advisable to buy from a wholesaler who offers convenient ordering and fast delivery. Reliable electrical wholesalers should deliver your order to your doorstep or at least allow you to pick the order from a convenient location.

Generally, these are the key considerations when choosing the best electrical wholesalers to buy from. By shopping from a reputable wholesaler, you can save money and have access to a wide range of electrical products to choose from.