Dressing sense and personality:


Well, these are two starkly opposite ideas, but have quite an influence on each other. And it’s a fact – they way you dress brings out your confidence, and your confidence quotient is an integral, important aspect of your personality. We’ll be talking about how to make sure you dress just right, to reflect your confidence and personality.

Know your body type:
First and foremost, know your body type. You should know and accept your body type. No matter what shape you are then, it shouldn’t matter. Being comfortable in your skin is most important. Knowing your face structure will also aid you. Try to understand both well; it will help in dressing up in a better.

Dress according to your body type:
Once you know your body type, you automatically are clear with what exactly complement your body type. Knowing what looks most flattering on you will help you dress better and appear as well as feel confident.

Cosmetics and accessories:
If you are fond of cosmetics, then you should research thoroughly and list out those cosmetics which suit your skin tone the best. Also, the knowledge of your face structure will help you figure out the perfect accessories that complement your face.

Make sure what you wear reflects the real you:
Wearing something just because it’s in vogue or just because someone else has been wearing it doesn’t make sense. You should be comfortable in the way you dress. Comfort it the key to confidence. Being uncomfortable in the way you dress will only pull down your confidence level.

Dress to suit the occasion:
Well, this is not rocket science to be learnt. It’s pretty simple – if the occasion is formal, go for your formal wardrobe. If it’s an informal occasion, you can flaunt the best of your informal outfits. If you’re confused, settle in for semi-formal. Don’t dress weirdly; it will make you feel out of place.


Go in for colours which reflect your personality:
A flamboyant personality will opt for bright, vibrant colours while a reserved personality will choose milder, pastel shades. Whatever your personality type is, make sure the colour suits the occasion.

We really hope these tips helped!