Struggles for the Development of Australian Football

football players

The development of football or any other games is closely related to the conditions of the society to a large extent. What type of response is the game getting from the common people matters a lot for the development? As far as the Australian football is concerned the depression in the period of 1893-95 was a strong cause which created the struggles. As you can read in the NRL news, the clubs faced serious struggles for the daily maintenance and this led to the decisions of the sharing of the revenue so that many of the struggling clubs can be helped to a large extent.

Probably there was much opposition against this from the leading clubs in the country. This scheme was opposed by those leading clubs with great opposition. The eight leading clubs in those years, particularly in 1896 are noted below:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Essen don
  3. Geelong
  4. Collingwood
  5. South Melbourne
  6. Fitzroy
  7. Carlton
  8. St Kilda

These eight football clubs came forward to arrange the constitution of Victorian Football League (VFL). There war certain changes occurred, the decagons making by the VFL. It includes the open payment for the players and the reduction of number of competitors on the field from twenty per side to 18. But later on the scenario changed to a great development in the entire society. The club changed to such a situation in which it can pay almost all the players in the team. By the year 1899, the VFL were able to pay all the players of the team with reasonable payment. Now it is the time to discuss about the next association Australian Football council. It was formed in the year 1906 with certain objectives. It includes the regulation of player movement in the interstate level and the development of contests on the national level.

Later on major developments were taking place in the entire history of the development of the Australian football. Later on there were many relocations of the leading clubs. Some of them include the relocation of the south Melbourne club to Sydney I 1982. The name of VFL was changed to Australian Football League or AFL. Now the national focus was also changed to a large extent so that the popularity was also increased to great extent. There were 16 teams that comprised AFL in 2005. It includes:

  1. Adelaide crows
  2. Carlton Blues
  3. Essen don Bombers
  4. Western Bulldogs
  5. West coast Eagles
  6. Fremantle Dockers
  7. Brisbane Lions
  8. Collingwood Magpies
  9. Fremantle Dockers
  10. Richmond tigers
  11. Geelong cats
  12. St Kilda saints
  13. Hawthorn hawks
  14. Melbourne demons
  15. North Melbourne kangaroos
  16. Port Adelaide power

This is one of the problems which are later found by the organizations. It is also important to be noted that the Australian football is found to be grown by facing various struggles and problems in the entire history. The expansion was taken so easily by including the many inter colonial movements so far to get more involvement of the entire country.