Taking Care of a Disabled Parent

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Every disability is different and so is every caregiving situation. However, in any case, caring for a disabled parent involves many challenges and can be physically and emotionally demanding. It may sometimes seem that you are completely alone and that the responsibility falls solely on your shoulders. Remember that government resources as well as disability housing are available to help you in your journey and that it is okay to reach out for help. It is important that you build a good support system and maintain your own physical and mental health.


The Australian government’s new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the key resources that can help you to care for your parent, providing you with financial support. It is important to have a professional NDIS provider in order to utilize this scheme and ensure you’re getting the available benefits. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Find the Right NDIS Provider

Being the link between you and your parent and government resources and other services, it is essential that you find the right NDIS provider. Ensure that there is a good understanding between you, your parent, and your NDIS provider and that you trust them to do the right thing for you and your parent.


Create a Support System

It is important for both you and your parent to have a support system in order to thrive. Having a disability often results in isolation and increases the difficultly of establishing good connections with other individuals and the community. Your NDIS provider is a part of this support system and provides a valuable link between your parent and the community.


Reach out to your family and friends – you’ll often find that they are willing to help you and alleviate your load.


Communication is Key

Being vocal about your feelings is vital for any good relationship. You should ask your parent what they desire and how they feel and be equally open in response. In order to create the best opportunities for your parent, ensure that you and your parent are on the same page as your NDIS provider and that there is good communication across board of what is needed or desired by you and your parent.


Access Community Support

Your NDIS provider can alert you to any opportunities for you and your parent to access further help in the community. Many community organizations provide financial assistance, transportation, home care, and other services. There are also support groups available for you to vocalize your troubles and speak with people in the same situation as you.


Find a Respite Provider

Being a caregiver can be exhausting and it’s natural to want to take a break. Reach out to your NDIS provider about finding a respite caregiver which you trust to accommodate your parent. In some cases, this could be an organization established to provide respite care, or it could be a friend or family who is willing to share your duty with you.


Remember: there are resources available to help you and you are not alone in your responsibility as a caregiver. Community organizations and support groups can be accessed to alleviate financial or emotional burden.


Your NDIS provider is your link to the NDIS and accessing resources to help you in your journey. Take advantage of the opportunities available to make your caregiving responsibility easier and allow your parent to thrive in society.


Caregiving often requires full attention and time, and it can be hard to figure out the technicalities of government support in your daily life. Ensure that you have an NDIS provider which you trust to support you and your parent in this process so that you are able to reach the help which is available to you.