The Process Of A Family Law Mediation In Sydney

Couple attending a family law mediation in Sydney with a lawyer

Family law mediation in Sydney can be an extensive process that requires many steps. The method you typically go through includes preparation, the first introduction, opening statements, and the discussion between both parties in the couple. The process requires the help of a mediator who remains neutral in between the settlement between two disagreeing family members. Their role helps to ensure there is fair trade and hearing out of everyone involved to make sure that all the issues are said aloud. The family law mediation in Sydney is a crucial step to avoid having to go to court, which is a much more costly and labourious process. In this article, we will outline the various steps that come with the process of a family law mediation in Sydney

Here is the process going through family law mediation in Sydney 


One individual from the separated couple sends out an application to ask for family law mediation, and the other family member is contacted to find out if they’re interested in taking part. Prior to the family law mediation in Sydney, the mediator will work with you to go through the entire process and help you with any queries you may have. Whether you want to do the process face to face or over the phone, the mediator will be able to make sure you are ready to go through the process with their firm, creating an outline of the topics to be discussed during the mediation.

First meeting 

When you have your family law mediation in Sydney, your mediator can provide an opening statement. This includes the role of the mediator and the parties involved, the process of the mediation, and the guidelines of the procedure. The mediator will ensure both parties are in agreement to do a family law mediation in Sydney. 

Opening statement 

Based on the preparation, the mediator has gathered information from both parties allowing them to organise the discussion points during the negotiation. Each party is given the opportunity to overview their point of view on the problem at hand. This allows everyone to be heard and understood, making sure that their side of the argument is clear. These statements will hopefully address the issues and see what the root of the problem is. 

Discussion between both parties 

The mediator will highlight the issues that have been addressed by both parties by talking through their points of view to come to a conclusion. During the negotiation, the mediator will help both parties find a settlement that is approved by each family member. They usually only need one session to find a resolution as the confrontation faced in the discussion may find the couple to easily make an agreement. In the discussion, each party will get a chance to speak to the mediator in private to discuss their thoughts leading to the organisation of the negotiation process.

Reaching an agreement 

A majority of a family law mediation in Sydney will usually lead to a settlement that is both parties can agree on. Both individuals in the disputing couple will have to sign the agreement that shows that the couple has reached an agreement through a family law mediation in Sydney. 

Family law mediation in Sydney is an effective solution to resolve a dispute between a couple or two family members in disagreement. The process is extensive with various steps, including preparation, introduction, discussion of issues, and negotiation followed by a reached settlement with agreement from both parties. This method allows both parties to get a fair settlement, making sure everyone gets the best of both worlds. We can help you sort out all your family dramas in as simple as one session.