Tips to develop your personality:


Each one of us is gifted with an inborn personality. It’s just like an unpolished stone – you have to take efforts to make it shine. And no, it doesn’t take a lot to have a personality that stands apart – Just simple ways which you can incorporate in your everyday life. The moment efforts become a habit; you’ve already started evolving. Let’s have a look at few things which can actually make a difference and help you shape your personality into a better version of the existing good.

You have to be well read:
For those whose passion is reading, it’s not a worry. But for those who don’t, or have trouble with the language, I know that reading can get taxing. But that shouldn’t stop you from attempting to read. Make a pact with yourself – one book a week. You can spend the entire week reading the books as per your convenience or devour it in half a week – that’s your choice. But inculcate reading as a habit, and you’ll watch the wonders it works for you.

Make an effort to keep yourself updated:
Apart from reading novels and autobiographies, you have to make a conscious effort to stay updated with what’s happening around the world. This will help you build opinions about subjects, which will help in more relaxed conversations. Make it a point to read the newspaper daily, or watch the news. There are tonnes of apps out there which help you do it too – so make use of them. You’ll notice how being able to put forth your opinions about a particular issue in a group of people becomes a lot sorted and easier.

Learn a sport:
Sports builds in you a personality that nothing else can. You build a confidence that reflects in the way you walk, talk and project yourself. An add-on is that you get to develop and experience team spirit hands on and your leadership qualities are uncovered and developed too. Choose a sport of your choice, preferably a team sport and watch yourself push yourself out of your comfort zone and evolve into a stronger, competent and compassionate personality.


Jump into interactions:
Don’t leave an opportunity to interact with people wherever you are. Initiating conversations is not a big task. And once you do, you come to terms with the fact that the world is filled with beautiful people – each with a different perspective, opinion and a lot of things to tell which were probably unknown to you. Interacting with fellow humans will help you understand that there’s so much out in the world which you don’t know and haven’t yet explored. So just seize the opportunity to interact with people whenever you can. And remember, there’s something to learn from every human – young, old, qualified, unqualified, rich or poor – you just need to have a listening ear!

Hope these tips help!