What Are The Most Common Types Of Managed IT Services?

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With the penetration of technology in businesses growing day by day, companies are trying to find new ways to be innovative. To do that, they are outsourcing a lot of functions and given the automation present in IT services, many organizations are outsourcing key IT-related functions to Viatek specialists. Called managed IT services, these things are rapidly going into the hands of these specialist organizations as more and more companies choose to downsize their IT infrastructure and make their operations leaner. Here are some of the service types that are actively being added to the world of managed IT services.

Networking and IT Infrastructure

Basic IT infrastructure and networking are required for most businesses nowadays. However, the level of physical interaction required with equipment after it is installed in any office has decreased incredibly. Most of the things can be monitored remotely which means companies do not need to hire full-time employees to manage that hardware. That is why it is one of the most popular managed IT services you can find these days.

Software Security Services

Computer security has become increasingly complex, and it has become almost impossible for dedicated resources in companies to keep security systems updated. Instead, companies with vast technical experience in providing IT security are now offering easy-to-manage packages that ensure security for their entire computer networks. The superior expertise and experience brought in by these security professionals automatically remove the need for hiring security experts in-house and make it one of the most essential managed IT services.

Business Communication

This is one of the earliest examples of managed IT services that you can find as people rely on external solutions to improve their efficiency. Think of any type of communication and you will find a managed solution for it easily. For data, you can find services that provide easy access to any file type across an entire computer network. For voice, you can find solutions like intercoms, VoIP, phone exchanges, and customized software for smartphones and PCs. Video solutions also exist in the form of conferencing solutions and other monitoring and communication needs.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Deriving meaning from statistical data has become the primary tool for businesses to improve their efficiency and maximize profits. To make that happen, you need data analytics and business intelligence services. Many companies offer high-quality managed IT services related to that which helps businesses find meaning to their data in ways that they could not do independently. By using experts who have spent decades honing their analytical skills, these companies can provide you with information that can lead to you becoming extremely successful.

IT Support

If there is one part of a business that we hear the most about, it is IT support. There are countless jokes about it, and it has made its way into media and pop culture as well. However, traditional in-house support is no longer a viable option for most businesses. Not only does it cost a lot, but with externally managed computers, they are no longer needed anyway. You can therefore find many specialist companies offering IT support as part of their managed IT services portfolio.

What Does the Future Hold?

When looking at all these different types of managed IT services, the thing that comes to mind is the future. We are looking at a world that is becoming increasingly automated. What used to be a part of a broad category of services is now becoming specialized niche areas. We believe that each of these areas will also slowly become managed and soon companies will no longer need an internal IT department at all.