What Can You Do With A Desktop Laser Engraver?

desktop laser engraver

If you love doing DIY projects and crafting, then there’s a good chance that a desktop laser engraver is on the top of your wish list. If you’re not familiar with the term, then it’s actually what the name would suggest – a desktop laser engraver is basically a high powered piece of equipment that can cut through materials. They aren’t actually as new as they sound, the technology has been around for a while but it’s getting much easier and more convenient to use and much more affordable. Prices have come down to the point where many hobbyists can now afford the technology. This raises interesting questions about which model you should choose and what you might use a high-end desktop laser engraver for? 

Choosing a desktop laser engraver

This technology comes in many different forms at many different price points. Top of the line products are usually the most high-powered products which are usually used for industrial purposes. They are usually capable of cutting through thick materials and are sometimes used to engrave diamonds. These higher-end products are usually used at larger commercial levels and are not usually in the budget of hobbyists. Down the lower end of the scale, middle strength desktop laser engraver technology is a popular choice for small businesses and artists. These products are usually capable of handling decently thick materials and can cut A3 shaped items. 

Down the budget end of the scale you’ll find products as cheap as $60. These machines are usually only able to manage paper and cardboard and can only handle smaller areas. These products are usually limited in their capabilities but are popular with hobbyists. At slightly higher prices you’ll likely get more power and less limitations. Spending a bit more usually means you’ll be able to cut into slightly thicker materials and will get a much large cutting space. When shopping for a desktop laser engraver it’s a good idea to look into what software they run on –  as some software options are better than others.

What can you do with one?

desktop laser engraver

Many people wonder what they can do with desktop laser cutter, it’s quite a niche product and there is not yet a lot of information about how to use them and how to use the software. One popular use for them is to create wood signs and labels for products – many hobbyists use it to create signs and artwork. Sometimes people create phone cases with them and use them create designs and unique artwork on their phones.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to engrave on glass and your phone as this can cause damage to it. Leather and wooden cases make a great base for a customised phone case.

Some people will also use them to engrave onto leather and suede. This can be a great way to project patterns and designs onto material.

How do you use one safely?

This technology uses powerful cutters and lasers which can cause serious damage and harm if they are used incorrectly. When you use this equipment make sure you take the correct precautions to avoid a fire, this means avoiding flammable materials like Styrofoam. It’s also good to keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case a fire starts. You should also be mindful of keeping your hands and skin away from the cutter to ensure that you don’t get burnt by it. Before operating make sure you properly understand how the machine works to avoid any accidental injuries or issues.