What Do Criminal Lawyers In Melbourne Do?

Police catching a criminal

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne have an important role to play. They are highly trained professionals responsible for defending people when charge with a crime. Considering the heavy penalties associated with many crimes, it’s certainly a very important job. So, what daily tasks do most criminal lawyers in Melbourne perform?

Case assignments

Most criminal lawyers in Melbourne receive their case assignments either through the court or when they are directly contacted by the defendant in the case. Criminal lawyers in Melbourne who work as public defenders are usually appointed by the courts and paid by them whilst other criminal lawyers in Melbourne are hired and paid by the defendant through private legal firms. Many legal practitioners will specialise in a certain area, so if you’ve been charged with a crime it’s a good idea to try to find a practitioner who specialises in cases like yours.

Interviews about the facts of your case

Once you’ve found criminal lawyers in Melbourne who are willing to take on your case the next step is meeting with them personally. This is a daily part of many legal practitioners’ jobs, meeting and speaking with clients. Most criminal lawyers in Melbourne will want to sit down with you and ask you questions about your case and get to know the circumstances that led up to you contacting them.  They do this to get an overview of your case as well as to identify its strengths and weaknesses so that they can begin to form a strategy.

Investigating your case

Another big facet of the job of any legal practitioner is making investigations into your case. When it comes to criminal matters, this might include speaking to the police about the procedures used and any evidence gathered against you. It might also involve speaking to witnesses to gather evidence related to your case and gathering testimony in your defence. The idea is generally to find ways to defend you to lessen the penalties against you or get your case thrown out. Your legal practitioner may also speak to experts to help defend your case or have evidence analysed.

Research and analysis of evidence

criminal lawyer in Melbourne meeting a client

Researching the facts of your case and theories related to the matter is an important part of the job of your legal practitioner. If there is any physical evidence related to your case then they will request independent testing and may also arrange to have evidence examined to try and find theories to help defend your case.

Keeping you updated on your case

An important part of the role of any solicitor is keeping you up-to-date with the progress of your case. This may involve regular calls or emails, or in-person meetings so that your solicitor can communicate all the pertinent information about your case and let you know how things are proceeding. It’s also important that they make you aware of the possible consequences of certain actions.

Plea bargains

An important part of your legal practitioners’ job is negotiating plea bargains when you have pleaded guilty. This involves trying to get a more favourable outcome for your case and can help to reduce the charges and penalties against you.

Participating in trials

Not all legal practitioners will participate in trials, but it’s important part of the job for many criminal lawyers in Melbourne. If your case proceeds to trial they will attend and speak on your behalf.

These are just some of the tasks involved in the job of a legal practitioner. There are many other daily tasks that they may do, depending on their position and firm.