What should SEO firms in Australia be doing?

What should SEO firms in Australia be doing?

Keyword research isn’t as easy as it used to be. Here’s how to keep up in today’s world…


Google makes it tougher for sites to get into the top ranks. So we’ve thrown together some quick do’s and don’ts that are recommended for any good digital marketing agency Australia.




  1. Big terms such as ‘credit cards’ aren’t the go anymore. Yes it can still work, but these days it takes:


  • 6 months – traction
  • 12 months – traffic increase
  • 2 years – to get on top of your game with Google


SEO in Australia strategies should now look to go for smaller niches over broader key terms. However, the content should still be broad enough to interest a wide audience, which leads into…


  1. Focus on themes over featuring keywords. For example, if we’re talking about ‘SEO in Australia’, it’s important to create websites that are all about SEO in Australia and not just have it mentioned in a particular area of the site. It’s about creating in-depth sources of information covering various aspects of the given topic.


  1. SEO in Australia needs to incorporate buzz words. Technology is exponentially increasing these days and it’s essential to keep up with the latest trending topics. Go after what’s new. Go after what’s up and coming.


  1. Get ideas about trending convos on the web by finding out what people are typing into their search queries. This can be done with digital tools like ‘Ubersuggest’. SEO in Australia can use this base ideas for keywords on the questions we’re all asking.


This is great stuff as Google has shifted its focus and resources from identifying specific keywords to understanding user intention and providing them with accurate and appropriate answers.


  1. Employing semantic search strategies. This is a big one. But what exactly does this mean?


This targets Google’s more recent algorithms that are designed to deliver more precise, personalized answers to users, based on the contexts in which keywords are used. This is done by assessing similar concepts and synonyms.


SEO in Australia is adapting to this, which means more quality, genuine, creative and informative content, rather than articles that struggle to make sense, for the sake of getting keywords. More valuable info can be shared through these, growing Google’s exploding bank of knowledge (check out the Knowledge Graph!)


  1. Keep content fresh. Google loves it when it SEO in Australia, and anywhere for that matter, update their information rather ‘spinning’ articles. In new content, remove tips or facts that may be superseded, and add new, more relevant discoveries to the current time.


  1. Did you know Google more favorably ranks sites that load faster? It doesn’t do this by rewarding the quicker sites but rather, red marks the slow loaders. This is especially important as more of us are using the internet from smart devices, so this technical aspect shouldn’t be forgotten about by SEO services in Australia.





For SEO in Australia to devise successful strategies, it’s important to also note some of the key things not to do…


  1. Building links through WordPress themes and widgets. The popular ones have already been chosen and are out there!


  1. Expired domain names – don’t use these. Rehashing these can lead to you getting banned among other things.


  1. SEO in Australia should avoid article spinning – rewriting the same content to make it appear as ‘new’ originals. This can also lead to bans, along with less than impressive rankings in Google.


As a rule of thumb, remember that Google’s aim is better user experience. Today, this means more authentic, accessible, personalized information to enrich our knowledge.