Why Corporate Team Building is More Than a Box Ticking Exercise

A group of people participating in corporate team building

It is very easy for owners and managers of a business to be cynical about corporate team building exercises. Why spend time and energy devoted to this domain when there is ‘real’ work to be done? 

Well for those that don’t recognise the strategic benefits of this approach and see it as nothing more than a commercial box ticking exercise, it is worthwhile surveying the advantages that are in play. 

Given the studies that have reflected on this success and outlined what can be achieved, it is beneficial to read about the features of this program.  

Allows Team Members to Take Leadership Roles 

One of the more fascinating aspects of corporate team building ventures that deserves focus and attention is the capacity for staff members to take leadership roles. When these programs are put into place, it is not management that takes the reins. It will be participants that work across departments who will lead the program. This helps to build their confidence and ensure that they don’t just blend into the background. 

Opens Communication Pathways 

Depending on the size of the organisation, there will be members within an enterprise who rarely engage with one another. While this is not always a concern, it can create complications when those same individuals find themselves in a scenario where they have to communicate and coordinate for the sake of the business. The decision to engage corporate team building events allows those barriers to breakdown, opening up communication pathways that were not there before. 

Improves Productivity 

Team building programs that are rolled out in this setting are far more than a generic box ticking exercise because they are proven to deliver better outcomes on a productivity level. This is a metric that can be assessed a number of ways, but in essence, outlets find that they get more value from the time that employees spend on site. With participants feeling more empowered and connected, that has a positive flow-on effect to their professional duties. 

Engages Online & Offline Strategies 

From virtual engagement that happens online to in-person programs where staff get involved on the ground, corporate team building uses both formats depending on the workplace conditions. The framework can be designed around any number of objectives in this regard, tapping into problem-solving skills, communication, bonding, creative thinking and simply breaking the ice. There are no right or wrong answers in this space because it is about the group finding out what works for them and what delivers better outcomes.  

Benefits Mental Health 

The topic of mental health is front of mind for many businesses in 2022 and rather than talk about it in ambiguous terms, tangible action can be put in place. This is where corporate team building has essential benefits, allowing people to connect, engage and build positive relationships. It is particularly relevant when it comes to online programs where people are isolated in remote locations. 

Developing Personal Motivation & Accountability 

Professionals can very easily view their position in isolation from the rest of the group. So long as they are ticking their own box and looking after their own patch of turf, what does it matter what happens outside of that bubble? The great news about corporate team building is that it improves motivation levels and ensures that constituents are keeping themselves accountable because they are viewing their role within the wider business dynamic. 

If there are owners and managers who remain skeptical about corporate team building, they should open a conversation with industry peers and professional networks who have case studies to examine. Once they see the power of this approach, it will become clear why it helps the brand.