Why Fake Grass In Sydney Is A Better Choice Than Your Lawn

artificial grass

Trying to decide between fake grass versus it’s natural counterpart? There really is no better choice than synthetic options for Sydney yards in terms of convenience, ease and cost effectiveness. Read on below to find out more.


Works for every season

Australia’s biggest season can have some pretty extreme seasonal differences. You might expect to have your lawn scorched in the summer under the 45 degree heat and unrelenting sun. It’s not an uncommon sight when driving through the suburbs to see front yard after front yard of dead, burnt grass that will need to be replaced in the milder seasons.

Winters can be very cold and wet and might see your lawn killed off by frostbite as well, and even spring and autumn can be unpredictable and range from very hot to very cold. It can be hard to be consistent with your lawn and keep it alive when it’s at the mercy of the unusual city weather patterns.

You’ll have no such trouble with fake grass in Sydney, rain, hail or shine it will always look unfailingly perfect. Premium materials mean you won’t be at risk of it fading in the sun or scorching in the heat and it remains pleasant to use all year round – no summer time prickles to worry about or weeds to try and kill off.


No issues with water restrictions

Australia is a dry country and water restrictions are a common thing in cities throughout the country. Australia’s biggest city is no exception and the days of being able to water the lawn for hours on end are long gone.

Fake grass in Sydney is the much more environmentally friendly answer and will reduce your water waste. All your artificial turf needs is a short spray down to keep dust away, fake grass in Sydney can dramatically reduce your water bill and prevent you from getting into any trouble over water restrictions.

You’ll have green turf all year round at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to upkeep your lawn. In such a dry country saving on water is the responsible thing to do, and fake grass in Sydney is the best way to save on it without sacrificing the look of your yard.


Easier to keep clean

Natural lawn is a maintenance nightmare. It requires constant upkeep and care to manage weeds, burnt patches and soil to prevent it from dying off. Pets and kids can easily do a lot of damage to a normal lawn, whereas fake grass in Sydney is super simple to keep clean. All that is requires is a general wash and brush down weekly.

If you have pets, their waste can easily be cleaned away by picking up and discarding solids and spraying the area down with a hose. Artificial turf is designed with a sub layer that will not hold onto odors, meaning your artificial lawn can handle anything.


Better for the lifestyle

Residents of Australia’s biggest city are known for being the outdoorsy type. Australian summers are hot and there’s nothing that city or suburb dwellers love more than enjoying the views from their yard. The city has some excellent beaches and water views so it not unusual for residents to own a boat, have a dog, or pull up after a day of the beach.

The houses and outdoor areas of homes in the city must be ready to handle the unique demands and wear and tear of outdoorsy city residents. Fake grass in Sydney holds up much better then natural alternatives.