Why It Matters To Have An Independent Car Inspection Ready To Go

Why It Matters To Have An Independent Car Inspection Ready To Go

One of the more pressing questions people ask about selling their vehicle is the matter of valuation and knowing what they’re buying – this is why the objectivity and trustworthiness of an independent car inspection is so vital.

No one wants to buy a lemon, or to invest their time and money into a vehicle that is not up to scratch. An independent car inspection operator is able to provide a full breakdown of the matters at hand while keeping their findings and analysis objective enough to not form a bias – it is all about the facts.

We’re going into this article with our eyes firmly on the precision and true value that an independent car inspection can bring to the table, whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle, their service will undoubtedly be a positive one for the bottom line.

What’s Involved With An Independent Car Inspection?

First things first, let’s go over the fundamental process for an independent car inspection. Essentially when selling a vehicle, the owner will want to know the true value of the vehicle and detect any potential issues or red flags that can impede the price.

For private sellers, this can be a hassle as mechanics will often charge quite a fee and may cause more harm than good for the wallets. Professional salespeople who own multiple vehicles on a lot or showroom may have their own service on hand, which can also lend itself to be a little more biased (more on that later).

An independent car inspection will typically begin with a once over of the vehicle. The professional will analyse and look through the fundamental workings of the vehicle and assess any damage, maintenance issues, along with the general conditioning to illicit a value and standing of the vehicle overall.

The professional carrying out the service will often give an itemised summary of their findings as well as the general overview of the estimate costs of repair and the total value of the vehicle. Depending on who you hire for the service, there’ll often be additional caveats given such as photos of relevant aspects of the vehicle to reference for later on as well as their expert advice on the way forward.

The Negotiating Table

Independent car inspection

So, why does the independent car inspection matter? Negotiations play a big role in the purchase of a pre-loved vehicle and if you’re a potential buyer it is well advised to consider having someone who knows what to look for to look through the vehicle and determine a value. This way, when it comes time to negotiate the price, you’ll have an independent car inspection to lean on and reference if you happen to want a lower price than what is being offered.

While not every independent car inspection will yield a tragic discovery or discounting aspect of the vehicle, the mere act of having the results in your hand will alleviate potential stresses you may be experiencing when signing the dotted line.

Why Objectivity Matters

There’s something inherently fair about hiring an objective third party to conduct an independent car inspection. Too often there’s dealer-affiliated providers who will claim to give an independent car inspection but have ulterior motives or allegiances that can influence the final result or price in the favour of the seller.

While business is business, a truly objective perspective of the facts at hand is always the optimal way forward – not only for the integrity of the deal, but for the peace of mind that every new vehicle owner wants to have.