Why Printed Balloons Are a Cost Effective Marketing Ploy

different colored balloons

Cost effective marketing tactics are worth their weight in gold in 2018.

If you can source a means of keeping the budget in check whilst making headway with clever ploys that enhances the brand and scores cut-through with personas and target demographics, then the business is striking the perfect balance.

Printed balloons fit that category ideally.

Using cheap materials that are easily inflatable, this portable and friendly item simply makes sense when looking at strategies that make headway in the market.

Here we will outline the value that this product offers for businesses from all sectors.


Brings People In For a Celebration

Printed balloons draw people in. There is no other way to articulate why these goods are perfect for brands who want to be organic and relatable to their community. When you walk down the street or visit a store and see balloons paraded around the parameters and through the doorways, it exudes a sense of celebration. A party is happening in this location and even if consumers are not consciously thinking about it, it is great to be part of that celebration. It is difficult to place any other marketing material in that same category to achieve the same impressions for that limited amount of investment.



Gets The Kids Involved!

You do not need to throw thousands of dollars at PR consultants to understand that printed balloons are great items for young children to play with. It is clear that certain brands are not attempting to generate interest from this demographic, but the sheer enjoyment and consumption of a branded-balloon can be enough to generate an impression on the parents. What this also can achieve is a photogenic opportunity to have children playing with branded-balloons as your website and social media content is boosted in the interim. That is PR that is hard to buy through organic methods.


Low Overheads

The benefit of accessing printed balloons as a business is that you can order this stock in bulk for specified events without having to worry about transport issues or shipping concerns. These are goods that can be packed and moved without any overheads to be thinking about.

Minimum orders for outlets in Australia for commercial clients usually begin with 50 to 100 stock orders, maxing out in the 10-20,000 range or beyond. When considering the logistics and overheads that are necessary to buy into balloons of this nature, the only immediate pressure is to ensure that the logo and messaging is of an appropriate size. Expanding an image from a flat balloon to one that is inflated will require a font and pixilation that suits the material.


Quick Production Turnaround

The ability to promote a new discount or offer in the marketplace forces marketing professionals to design a new campaign from scratch. Printed balloons are an outlet where that campaign can be limited to a 28-30cm balloon diameter and a turnaround often inside 24-48 hours. So long as the company has established a relationship and framework with the provider, the turnaround can be efficient.


Sliding Scale of Package Options

Certified outlets that provide printed balloons to commercial and personal clients will offer a sliding scale of pricing options to suit their requirements and their budget. To balloons that use helium or hydrogen gas, to party designs, traditional balloons, for indoor or outdoor purposes, business managers and marketing staff can make sound judgments that can be upgraded or downgraded according to their convenience.

Event numbers can be unpredictable and whether these items are used for trade shows, community events or to celebrate a milestone for the business, the provider will be flexible. Think of the balloon size and the amount of colours necessary, because that will define how the bill is calculated in this setting.


Allows For Creativity

From a confetti party ball to a water game, to form a unique decoration or an archway, as a bouncing castle or to fill it with prizes, the creativity that can be accessed with printed balloons is only limited to your ideas as an organisation. These items are light, they are colourful and fun, and are designed to utilize in whatever fashion you believe fits the tone of the environment.

Balloons are not really used for somber occasions or to exude strength or professionalism, but it is to breakdown barriers and to entice people into your business. In this respect, use your most engaging marketers on the scene to make use of this cost effective and fun outlet.



Printed balloons do not need to be viewed through the “either/or” prism when it comes to a grand marketing strategy. These goods are not a solution to all of your objectives in every setting all year round. They are ideal complimentary products that draw people in and allow you to showcase a degree of friendless and personality. Consumers love commercial entities that demonstrate some character and authenticity without taking themselves too seriously. What a better way to convey that than through balloons?