The Battle of the Data Companies


Many of you may see this sentence and wonder what the words mean, what could they relate to and how this could relate to you and your life. I know I felt the same. Never had I seen these words in the same sentence before and I couldn’t begin to describe what they meant. Staring at these two words for longer than I care to admit, I struggled to guess as to what they meant. In the end, I couldn’t have been further from the true meaning which luckily for me and my pride I kept to myself. Well, when answering the question, Anaplan vs adaptive, I had to learn more about what they were and what they do and how they can help anyone least of all me.

Let’s start with the former, having done some surface research I have found out it’s a company based in San Francisco with over 20 offices worldwide, a couple of hundred partners and nearly 1,000 customers. All in all, quite a big deal. And what do they do? They deal in data aiming to help companies plan in real time based on layers upon layers of information helping their clients to gain a competitive advantage where they didn’t think there was one. And the latter you ask, well that was founded in 2003 in San Francisco too. It does much the same as its competitor and has just been taken over in the past year by Workday Inc. While Anaplan vs adaptive may not have the same ring to it as Nike vs Adidas, in the sport clothing world, or Apple vs Samsung in the world of smartphones and other technologies, I was still interested to learn about the history of these companies and how they operate.

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Anaplan vs adaptive: How they were founded

Created in 2006 and launched in 2010, the former was created by two founders in the UK. By the end of the year they were beginning to gain a foothold in the market and then as the years went on, they received more and more funding. A huge point in their history came in 2012 when they received an investment of $11 million. The latter was founded three years previous, while it took longer to get to the top of their game, they did receive a huge amount of funding in 2012 when they took in $45 million adding Salesforce to their list of hugely successful partners.

Since the beginning of the second decade of this century, anaplan vs adaptive has promised to be a hard-fought contest as both aim to gain the upper hand in the technologies they use the clients they partner with.

Anaplan vs adaptive is a battle that interests all major companies who are interested in data and how it can help them plan for the future. The Anaplan vs adaptive battle is one which will benefit all parties involved. The companies themselves will push each other on in the market, knowing that if they stay still they will be overtaken in the market. While for the clients, they can rest easy knowing that each organisation will be striving to help them grow their business at every turn along their journey. It’s a win-win for all involved in this ongoing fight.

Anaplan vs adaptive is going to be an ongoing tussle in the market for another few years so it is imperative to watch this space as they go toe to toe taking each other on in much the same way as many other huge rivals all over the business world.