How Printing Companies Can Attract Customers in 2018

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There is an acceptance for printing companies in 2018 that business as usual will lead to their downfall.

Paper is not dying, but the methods and practices that the industry has held onto for decades has become outgrown and outdated.

Consumers demand value for their investment and unless there are proactive measures taken from outlets within this sector, they will be forced to close their doors permanently.

Let us examine what these new strategies for printing companies who are hoping to be relevant and thriving again for their local community.


Issue Printing Material Variety

There is a grand variety that must be catered to when thinking of the profile of businesses that printing companies have to deal with on a weekly basis. From schools and universities to pubs and clubs, real estate agencies, sports groups, restaurants, service operators and event organizers, the diversity is there for all to see. So if that is the case, why not offer diversity with your product?

Think about carbon less laser paper for the environmentally conscious brands. What about waterproof paper for local pools and plumbers? Perhaps synthetic paper would be helpful for those that wish to have a different texture for their document. Branch out and revel in the variety of paper materials.

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Utilize Power of Direct Mail

The tangible nature of direct mail is an asset that only printing companies can truly master. Who better to issue an eye-catching brochure or document than an outlet that does this role for a living? The ideal strategy in this environment is to offer a personalized message that is delivered through direct mail, encouraging them to develop the commercial relationship and to really push for the value addition that your brand will provide. It might be viewed as a costly exercise, but for those clients on the fence who could be persuaded one way or the other, this is a clever ploy to genuinely showcase your best assets.


Offer Web Design Option

It has taken years of sliding sales and poor annual projections for printing companies to realize that they too have to be digital in 2018 to be competitive. When consumers are seeking out information and commercial content, they are not accessing pieces of paper. They are utilizing their smartphone or tablet to scan for videos and websites that will give them that necessary information.

Companies in the printing sector who have digital expertise can transition those design skills where formatting and aesthetics are part of their operating model. This way the client can see this outlet as a two-for-one shop where a digital copy can be transferred to paper and vice versa. It truly is the best of both worlds in this context.


Offer Unique Business Card Designs

One of the points of difference that printing companies can embrace is the ability to offer unique business card designs. With thermography allowing the words to literally pop off the card to different design options that feature large and small formats, circular creations and flip cards, there are creative ways of pushing the boundaries that the business community has enforced upon themselves. Don’t feel boxed in here – figuratively and literally! Open up the creative streak of the business and see what styles will suit certain commercial sectors.


Prioritize Short-Run Projects

One of the inherent costs that printing companies have to calculate are small orders in the 50-100 range where the actual printing cost is high, so the consumer cops the burden of an inflated fee. In 2018 this should not be an accepted norm and to bring people coming back through the door for those short-run orders, it is worthwhile advocating and issuing a package that is suitable for small orders. Give the client the potential to utilize a small order run without inflating their budget because that will lead to customer retention. For party invitations to specialized marketing campaigns and community notices, these small orders can really add up in the final equation.


Email Newsletters and Campaigns

Do not heed the messages of individuals who are telling you that email is an outdated mode of communication. That misconception could not be further from the truth. The actual cut-through rate of emails in a commercial setting are superior to many other forms of advertising and printing companies can embrace this strategy to be front of mind.

It might not be the first, second or third email contact that reaps rewards through an order, but extensive contacts where customers are updated and enticed through discounts and benefits can draw consumers back through the doors. Fortunately with mass email technology via various software applications, this strategy is cost effective and only enquiries the endeavour to make the contact possible. See the regular email newsletter for current customers or email campaigns for prospective clients as a surefire way to make waves in the marketplace.