How To Choose A Blockchain Development Company In Sydney

two men working for a blockchain development company in Sydney

Are you trying to work out how to choose a blockchain development company in Sydney? It’s a fairly new area which has been booming recently, so it’s little wonder that people aren’t quite sure how to choose a developer to work with. A lot of people looking to capitalize on the technology also aren’t sure whether they should get some to work in-house for them or to outsource. A lot of businesses are finding outsourcing to a blockchain development company in Sydney to be the most efficient and cost-effective choice, but how do you find the right people to work with? Read our tips below to find out.

Why hire a blockchain development company in Sydney?

Firstly, it’s important to understand why this technology is becoming so sought after. It’s mainly because it is hugely useful in just about every industry, from finance to the property market. It’s predicted that within the next 10-20 years, this technology will have proliferated to just about every area of modern life and industry. It’s considered a more secure and transparent option over other technological solutions.

So, why outsource to a blockchain development company in Sydney? There are many reasons but one of the main reasons to go to a third-party business for software development is because they have the expertise and experience needed to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. Unlike a single developer a blockchain development company in Sydney will have the capability to manage a challenging timeline and will have a large enough team to produce software as quickly as possible. Hiring a professional business means that you’ll get the benefit of their expertise and resources.

Outsourcing models

There are different ways that companies who work with this type of software might operate. Here are the four most common models that you’ll come across.

Fixed pricing

A lot of companies will use a fixed price budget to develop applications for you. This means that you’ll receive a quote for the cost of your product software from the beginning. Usually, they have set amounts for certain types of development work. 

Captive unit

Another model that you might come across is the captive unit model which basically involves hiring a team to work on the project. They will also continue to provide administrative, financial and managerial support. A lot of businesses will choose this method when they are trying to develop something in a country where they have no presence.

Corporate team

If your project will require a lot of work from developers or involves a series of different project then you might look for a company that will provide you with an exclusive team who are tasked with looking after your project entirely.

Accelerated build-operate-transfer

This model basically involves a development company working within your existing company infrastructure. It’s good for when you’re planning to introduce the technology but you’re not yet ready to commit to it in a major way.

Why work with a blockchain development company in Sydney over a freelancer?

When you work with a large business that specialises in this technology, you’ll get the benefit of working with a team of many people who can work on your project all at the same time. When working with a freelancer, timelines can blow out as they are undertaking the work alone. You also won’t get as much support with a freelancer. After the project finishes, their job is generally done. With a business, you’ll get support following the end of your project and can often put maintenance agreements in place.