Why Concrete Pools On The Gold Coast Are The Best Of The Bunch

Concrete pools in the Gold Coast

We are the land of sun and sand, although sometimes we would prefer the security and comfort of our own homes on a hot summer day. It’s the Australian dream to have our own lagoon getaway in the backyard, and the options are vast to put it mildly. While the classic traditional above ground is still rife through our society, the rise in concrete pools on the Gold Coast signifies a change in pace for many. Different materials have their own core pros and cons across the board. Today we will explore a little more about concrete pools on the gold coast and the alternatives on offer.

Above Ground

Once the king of home swimming, the above-ground varieties offered cheaper flexibility in terms of construction costs. This is primarily due to the lack of excavation required which is usually the more costly aspect of putting in the swimming investment, this is one of the only cons for concrete pools on the Gold Coast.  

While it is good for those on an immediate budget, most of the time the railings that support the apparatus will require replacement in a few short years which means the costs will go up exponentially over the long term. There’s also credence to consider that the aesthetic it produces is not always the best looking, with a lot of people considering the above-ground look to be an eyesore and a costly deduction for the market value of a home.

In-Ground Vinyl

Another cheaper option for the more budget minded homeowners, the vinyl material is quite soft to the touch and does not harbour the growth of algae due to its build up. It also has the versatility of being able to be adjusted for any shape it’s accommodating.

However, when comparing to concrete pools on the Gold Coast, there really can be a divide, due to the thin and delicate nature of the material, vinyl is quite easily torn in comparison, and typically requires a costly exchange after around 7 years. 

In-Ground Fiberglass

Workers digging a hole for a pool

The advantage of this material is the low amount of maintenance required for upkeep over the long term, once the mould has been fitted into the ground it will typically last a lifetime of use without needing replacement. Where it differs from concrete pools on the Gold Coast, however, is the lack of variety and size design. Seeing as they’re pre-made and delivered on-site, there are very few options for adjustment due to the expense of creating the moulds and the need of delivery hindering the full-size potential.

Concrete Pools On The Gold Coast

We finally arrive at the optimal choice, concrete pools on the Gold Coast are the top of the line for a variety of reasons. Concrete pools on the gold coast offer an unwavering amount of customisation in terms of size and depth and features that alternatives cannot.

 Although concrete pools on the Gold Coast can be a little pricier in the short term, with extra for construction materials and maintenance in terms of chemicals for algae growth, they’re more of an investment when considered. Concrete pools on the Gold Coast typically add a significant amount of value to a home due to their unique design potential and strengthened aesthetic as an attachment to a home.

Those were a few of the more common types of materials and styles, of course, there’s no going past the tried and true concrete pools on the Gold Coast, they have sturdiness and class that is unmatched by the competition.