What Automotive Workshop Equipment Should You Buy?

Automotive Engineer working in a car repair shop

Are you looking at opening up your own auto repair shop? Then you’re probably in the midst of working out what automotive workshop equipment you need. Starting up a repair shop can be a dream come true but it can also be overwhelming, there are a lot of tools you’ll want to get your hands on to make sure your business runs smoothly. Investing in automotive workshop equipment can be costly so it’s important to take the time to do your research and ensure that you’re purchasing only the best quality items.

Good automotive workshop equipment will come from high-quality brands and should include good warranties and repair processes. You’ll want to look into what training is required to safely operate machinery and ensure that anyone working in your repair shop has the skills required to safely use your tools.

The items you need will have to be capable of performing a broad range of tasks, as the work in repair shops can be varied. Read on below to find out what some of the top items of automotive workshop equipment are that you’ll need.

A hoist

This one is a no-brainer. Every repair shop needs a decent hoist capable of lifting vehicles so that work can easily be performed. Hoists are great for when you need to perform alignment work but before you go ahead with purchasing one you should check to make sure that the premises you own or rent can handle having one installed. Not all workshops have the structural capacity to manage a hoist. If you have the space and capacity to install a hoist then it can be a great way to increase your profits and will help you to avoid having to do alignments through external providers. Hoists can be very expensive so many stores opt to lease the equipment. To install one, you’ll need to ensure that your premises have wide access, a high roof and a steel reinforced concrete floor.


One important item that you will need to install is benches and plenty of workspace. You’ll need save areas to store automotive workshop equipment to keep the floors clear.

Basic tools

Before you open you’ll want to make sure that you invest in some basic tools that all mechanics require such as pliers, bearing pullers, spanners and more. You’ll also want to ensure you have plenty of items like air guns, oil pans and fluid pans – you should provide a set for each hoist that you have in your shop.

Pedestal drill

Pedestral drills are common in repair shops and can come in very handy. This will make life much easier in your shop.

Wheel balancer

Engineer operating an automotive workshop equipment

In almost every repair shop a wheel balancer is going to be a must have. You’ll want to get one that can manage all types of vehicles and weights.

Cool system tester

Another item that you might want to invest in is a cool system tester, you may need to purchase an adapter set with it.

There’s a lot of speciality repair equipment that you might also want to look into such as body repair kits, pipe benders, straightening kits, cleaning agents, sand blasting equipment, compressors, drum handlers and tyre spreaders. Fuel injection testing kits and brake fluid testers may also be necessary.

There are many other types of items that you will want to look into. The things you choose to invest in will depend on the budget you have available and the type of work you need to perform. It’s a good idea to consider leasing larger items.